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Affordable Housing

As East Liberty's revival and redevelopment progresses, affordable housing is an issue that continues to be of increasing importance. This page serves to highlight affordable housing resources, statistics, information and tools to help you understand the current situation and what lies ahead for the neighborhood.



For affordable rental housing opportunities, we suggest the following:

The Housing Authority 

Community Builders - Pennley Commons, Penn Manor, & New Pennley Place - (412) 362-2040  

- Fairfield Apartments - (855) 255-4948

Larimer Pointe Project - Contact: Tisha Germany (412) 363-4401  

- NDC Negley Neighbors - (412) 661-3300

- Negley Commons - (412) 362-0380

Presbyterian Senior Care 

KBK Garfield Commons - (412) 363-4401  


Affordable Housing Overview

Attached as a PDF below is an overview of East Liberty's affordable rental housing landscape. Discover affordable housing definitions, current affordable rental housing sites and future sites in development.