Houses for Sale

Affordable Homeownership
East Liberty Development, Inc. works with partner organizations to create and maintain affordable homeownership opportunities in the neighborhood.

Open Hand Ministries (OHM) works with families to educate them about personal finance, to help them become qualified for a mortgage, and to connect those who need affordable homes with homes in their neighborhood that can be rehabilitated and revitalized. ELDI and OHM partner to renovate homes for qualified buyers. For more information and to apply, visit OHM's website.

NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania offers free counseling, homebuyer education, and financial literacy courses for individuals and families. For more information about their services and programs, visit their website. To make an appointment with NeighborWorks at their neighborhood locations, call 412-281-9773. 

ELDI works with additional partners on affordable housing opportunities, including Dollar Bank, the URA, and the Fedral Home Loan Bank.

Purchase Rehab & Homewoner Development Homes
East Liberty Development, Inc. has several vacant homes for sale to be renovated, for homeowner occupancy only. Purchasers will be either prospective homeowners looking for purchase-rehab opportunities or developers who will renovate properties for sale to homeowners.

Purchase Rehab: ELDI offers prospective homeowners guidance through the purchase-rehab process.

Homeowner Development: ELDI offers a "flipper program" to developers who renovate properties for sale to homeowners.

All offers for purchase-rehab or homeowner development should include a development plan, scope of work, and budget. ELDI staff, board, and committees will review proposals before accepting any offers. ELDI's goal is to increase homeownership in the neighborhood and to ensure that properties are renovated in accordance with the guidelines of the community plan.

Please see this list for properties currently available. Sale prices may vary due to ELDI's acquisition and holding costs in a property. For more information or to make an offer, please contact the Land Recycling Department at 412-361-8061 ext. 6.

Move-In Condition Homes
East Liberty Development, Inc. and its partners have properties available for sale to onwer-occupants that are in move-in condition. Some of these properties may have income restrictions. See this list for available properties, asking price, and contact person for the sale.